Jeffrey Lupient Provides an Insight into the Twin Cities Auto Show

Jeffrey Lupient Provides an Insight into the Twin Cities Auto Show

Auto shows have always been a crucial aspect of the automotive industry. These events not only help engage the community and reach out to potential buyers, they also have a major influence on the dealershipโ€™s reputation.

Dealerโ€™s Associations often organize auto shows so they can showcase their latest products and technologies and create excitement amongst prospective buyers. These shows also help automotive dealers get leads, build brand awareness as well gauge customer interest. Jeffrey Lupient of the Lupient Automotive Group was the chair for the 2018 GMADA or Greater Metropolitan Automobile Dealers Association. The Twin Cities Auto Show is a production of the GMADA. This organization comprises of more than 130 new car and truck franchised dealers in the Greater Minneapolis and St. Paul area.

Jeffrey Lupient offers a brief overview of the Twin Cities Auto Show organized by the GMADA

The 46th Annual Twin Cities Auto Show was held at the Minneapolis Convention Center in March of 2019. This Twin Cities Auto Show presented the opportunity for people to compare more than six hundred automobiles from a variety of international and domestic brands, without having to drive all over the town. This auto show showcased vehicles from 36 foreign and domestic brands side by side. Hence, people got to see automobile models in just about every category, starting from compacts and family sedans to the latest in SUVs and luxury cars. The attendees also got to check out trucks providing commendable mileage, greater utility, and convenience, as well as more luxury features than ever. They even acquired valuable insights into leasing availability, financing options, and ways to achieve the dream vehicle. At the 46th Annual Twin Cities Auto Show, the attendees even got the chance to learn about distinctive advancements in technology like audio enhancements, communication technology, in-dash navigation, and more. This auto show where could go behind the wheel of one of the sleek, shiny new sports cars, and make their dreams come true.

Family fun is also a key aspect of the Twin Cities Auto Show and is usually able to bring out the kid in many. The prime attractions of the 46th Annual Twin Cities Auto Show included the crime-fighting cards, the neighborhood, and camp jeep. For people who simply wanted to drive the vehicle of their dreams at this auto show, the ride and drive exhibit allowed them to go behind the wheel and test drive the latest in automotive technology on the Minneapolis streets.

The 46th Annual Twin Cities Auto Show was a great destination for anyone wanting to buy a brand-new car or truck. It was also a perfect place for an auto enthusiast and provided them with the opportunity to see in person the vehicles that they had heard and read about.

The 2018 GMADA Chair was Jeffrey Lupient of Lupient Automotive Group, and hence played an important role in organizing the 46th Annual Twin Cities Auto Show. Jeff is particularly renowned for gaining and retaining the trust of the clients, which is one of the key reasons why Lupient Automotive Group has some of the best returning customer numbers in the state.

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