All About Startify Middle East

All About Startify Middle East

Innovation and technology become focused on the Middle East. In places such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates there is now a flourishing start-up scene? Various notable pillars, including talent development and finance have driven growth over the past ten years. MAGNiTT points out that between 2012 and 2021, the area experienced a financing boom of over five hundred percent. Yet building go-to-market fit, raising capital, expanding operations and creating marketable goods are still issues for startups. Programs like Startify (which can be described as start-up accelerators) aim to play this role. Through its structured three to six month acceleration program, Startify Middle East–one of a small number of multi-corporate backed accelerators–assists seed stage entrepreneurs throughout the Middle East and North Africa. With links to more than 300 overseas investors as well as an active network of mentors that help companies with their business development plans, Chicago startups can find everything We take an in-depth look at Startify Middle East.Β Β 

Startify Middle East – An Overview

Startify Middle East is an accelerator program for startups in the Middle Region. The organization aims to assist early-stage firms in the development process with such tools, training and mentorship, as well as introducing them to investors. The program helps company owners to turn their creative ideas into fully functioning, as well as investment-ready firms.

The program selects likely new ventures from the Middle East and North Africa every year. Startups from all sectors, such as finance, edtech, healthtech businesses and logistics companies are welcome to apply for the program. After being selected for acceleration, the entrepreneurs go through a rigorous three-to-six month program in which they fine tune their ideas, develop products and build up customer bases while finalizing their business plans. For the startups, industry experts provide guidance and help them overcome obstacles. On Demo Day at the end of the program, entrepreneurs can pitch quickly to investors in search for capital and partners with access abroad. The accelerator ’ s objectives are not only to build the local entrepreneurial environment, but also to nurture ground-breaking ideas which have potential for greatness.Β Β 

The Team Behind Startify

Startify Middle East is headed by a group of experienced business leaders, investors and entrepreneurs who wish to assist the local startup community. Both the managing partners have set up and sold software, e-commerce, and management consulting companies. These business professionals lend the skills of their networks to guide program entrepreneurs.

What’s more, the program has also provided over fifty mentors from different industries to offer on-site guidance and counseling. Mentors are a very useful resource for passing on technical skills and industry know-how to entrepreneurs.Β Β 

Startify’s Acceleration Program

After being chosen, entrepreneurs may start working on their products in three main areas: product development, fundraising and go-to-market strategy. In the product development stage, core business model assumptions are tested and a minimal viable product is developed in close cooperation with mentors and experts. This stage emphasizes the need for prototype testing and customer interviews. The prime objective of the go-to-market module is to establish a market entrance and growth strategy. In addition to refining their messages and brands, startups map out marketing strategy, partnerships, channel sales. The fundraising module assists entrepreneurs in collecting pledges from investors. It even includes such topics as pitch deck design, financial modelling, valuation methodology and due diligence preparation.

This fundraising module allows entrepreneurs to get investors on board. From pitch deck design and financial modeling, to valuation methods, preparation for due diligence procedures. Better yet still a general outline of the development process should provide a clear idea of what stage your startup is at by the end of these threads.Β Β 

The investors and partners in Startify’s network.

The main thing is being able to connect with its global network of more than 300 investors, corporates and ecosystem partners. For instance, Startify has relationships with major venture capital companies such as 500 Startups, Wamda Capital, BECO Capital and Shorooq Partners. More than 15 of its alumni startups have since raised capital from these VCs.

The program also hosts Demo Days in Dubai, Riyadh, Cairo and other locales at which the startups pitch directly to 100-plus investors. Besides capital suppliers, Startify has also enlisted companies such as AWS, Hubspot, Stripe and Freshworks to serve its startups in the area of technology support or credits. Other strategic partners are government-run entities such as Area 2071 and Khalifa Fund.Β Β 

The Startups Backed by Startify

The Startify acceleration program has so far had several cohorts, and the startups of these batches number over 100. The startups work in a variety of fields, including fintech and edtech as well as health tech, e-commerce logistics, SaaS services etc. After graduating, more than 60 % of startups have successfully raised pre-seed or seed funding.

Startify-funded companies that are already getting a lot of attention include mobile banking app NOW Money, last-mile delivery platform Bosta, edtech leader Mindmaven; cloud kitchen marketplace Sweetheart Kitchen; vegan brands platform The Good Kitch en among others.Many Startify graduates have gone on to other international accelerators such as YΒ  Combinator and Techstars.Β Β 

Startify’s Impact and Achievements

Since getting up and running a few years ago, Startify has established itself as one of the major multi-corporate accelerators in MENA.Companies founded by Startify alumni have now raised more than US $ 25 million in total funding. Also, these startups have already turned over nearly $ 5 million between them and provided more than 180 jobs. Startify expects that by 2025 the number of startups it helps will have grown to more than 500, which would raise more than US $ 1 billion and create over a thousand jobs.

In fact, the program has built a reputation for quality coaching and added value. Seed DB’s accelerator report for 2022 placed Startify among the top five in MENA and Top15 worldwide.Β Β 

What are the criteria for startups to join Startify?


MENA’s early-stage tech firms can thus apply to participate in Startify ’ s future cohorts, whose dates will be announced next year. The firm must meet two essential requirements: Of course it’s got to have a strong core group and an innovative product that meets a real market demand. Candidates should therefore show traction, as well as potential for exponential growth.

Those startups that qualify may apply using the online application form on Startify’s website. Shortlisted teams are then further evaluated, including founder interviews before final choices.

Any that passes muster can look forward to being among the next batch of new heroes invited into this most coveted accelerator, which focuses on high-growth potential seeds around hereabouts.Β Β 


As an emerging star on the Middle Eastern tech scene, Startify offers both formal acceleration and access to a global network in order to support creative early-stage enterprises. Graduating startups have achieved stunning results in terms of investment, revenue and jobs. This initiative sustains the trend toward employment development and investment in startups on Β Startify UAE.

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