Prime Music vs Spotify? Which Should Be Your Pick?

Prime Music vs Spotify? Which Should Be Your Pick?

If your morning starts with music and your day is accompanied by your headphones, this article is for you. If you ask music lovers, they will tell you that music is an experience in itself. But what happens if your experience is not that hassle-free and you can’t shuffle your songs or see the lyrics, what do you do?

Getting a paid subscription of a good streaming service is your way to go, but now you have a task at hand. You have to pit Prime Music vs Spotify. How do you choose one when both of them are always on the top? Well, it is time to make the pick easier.

Music Library

Heard the song β€˜Dil Jhoom Jhoom’ on the Instagram reels but never heard the full track, here’s when Spotify and Amazon Music will come to your rescue. Be it some superhit music album or some underrated local track, you will find anything and everything on these apps. Both Spotify and Amazon Music have a huge collection of around 100 million songs.

With Amazon Music, you get access to its library of mainstream hits to obscure indie tracks. Its collection spans across genres, languages, and eras. It’s not just about quantity; Amazon Music excels in its depth, offering an extensive catalog that caters to diverse musical tastes and constantly expands its repertoire with new releases and hidden gems.

The collection of Spotify covers a wide spectrum of genres, featuring popular tracks across various categories. If you’re looking for local artists or some niche songs, Spotify can be your friend. All the newest releases arrive here as soon as possible and if you try looking for a song from ages ago, yes you’ll find it too.

Best Podcasts Available

Amazon Music is easily one of the best podcast apps out there. It offers a growing collection of podcasts that also include some exclusive and original content. Podcasts are available in different languages and on different topics. From mysteries of science to hilarious jokes, these podcasts cover everything. So plug your earphones in and listen to your favorite podcaster talking their heart out.

Talking about podcasts on Spotify, it also has some 5 million of them. From true crime to comedy and educational content, Spotify’s podcast repertoire is extensive. It basically provides a one-stop shop for all your podcast needs.

Subscription Models

Talking about the music collection and other benefits is fine, but the real deal lies where you’ve to pay for your subscription. With Amazon Music, you will have to get a Prime subscription of INR 1499 annually. Subscriptions for shorter durations are also available. Yes, the price is on the higher side, but it also includes access to Prime Video and free and fast delivery from Amazon.

When you’re playing songs on Spotify’s free version, you will need a stable internet connection to play songs in online mode. Downloading music and listening to songs in offline mode is not available in the free version. But yes, if you switch to Spotify Premium, this feature and all of the others will be available to you. You will also be able to see the lyrics of the songs and shuffle them as well. All of these benefits will be accessible at the price of INR 119 per month.

Summing Up

These were some of the main differences and similarities between Amazon Music and Spotify, and you can make an informed decision now. A huge music collection, ad free music, offline downloading, and more of such features can be enjoyed on these apps. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and choose an app that suits you the best.

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