Upgrading English proficiency with easy steps 

Upgrading English proficiency with easy steps 

Upgrading English proficiency is an interesting task.  You have to interact with various sources to uplift your proficiency in each skill. Yes, do you have an idea of the sources that you will have to interact with to learn the English language? If not then, the article will contain a list of the top tips that upgrade English proficiency. 

One thing that you have to bear in mind is that English proficiency is improved with real-life practice. Learning the English grammar rules is important but along with that, you also have to practice implementing them all in real-life. 

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Upgrading English proficiency with easy steps:

Adhere to the following pointers to upgrade your English proficiency with easy tips. 


Listening to an interesting imagination of an incredible mind is going to be an incredible step to flourish your English language skills. Many of us often tremble when listening to the English language. This stops us from understanding spoken English. For sure, improving your interaction with the audiobook will improve your interaction with spoken English and make you an excellent listener of the English language. 

That’s why it is highly recommended to listen to the English language daily for half an hour. So that, you can gain strong English listening skills that will offer a profound help to you in polishing your English communication skills. 

Read novels 

Reading novels is an excellent choice for those who love reading books. Read the best novels that can develop your interest in reading the English language.  For sure, an ample number of novels are available for your help that you can access and polish your proficiency in reading skills. 

There is a very common quote that says that if you haven’t any passion for reading books then, surely you haven’t come across the best book yet. 

Speak in front of the mirror

Speaking faster won’t help you demonstrate your English fluency. Yes, you must have noticed a few people who speak English very fast due to nervousness. You must practice maintaining a correct tone and speed to make your answer more understandable. 

Speaking in front of the mirror will surely help you improve your English speaking skills and follow a perfect tone and speed as well. Sparing 20 minutes daily to practice English speaking in front of the mirror will help you polish your proficiency in English speaking skills. 

English vocab 

Get access to the Oxford dictionary to expand your knowledge of the English vocabulary. But if you have assumed that learning 30 or 50 words a day can help you boost your excellence in English vocab then, you aren’t right here. Learning the meaning of the English words is not as easy as it seems. In fact, a word in the English language can have more than one meaning and you must use the word correctly in order to convey the right message. 

Oxford Guide to English Vocabulary 

Without any doubt, you can also refer to the English Grammar book which is known for its authenticity. You can prefer the pdf of Oxford Guide to English Vocabulary as the book comes under the category of the world’s best book to learn the English Grammar rules with the utmost accuracy. 

Connect with your hobby

Try to connect the language with your hobby. For example, if you love writing them, try to write in the English language, if you love painting then, try to write the quotes along with the picture. Along with that, you can also use the language to post incredible captions in English to boost your confidence to speak in English publicly. 

Connecting with the best coaching platform is also an incredible choice. Well, pursue an incredible English Speaking Course in Ludhiana to have a profound understanding of the language with the help of the experts. 


Upgrade your English proficiency with the help of the steps that we have elaborated on below. One can boost your English proficiency only when he tries to involve the language in his day-to-day life. For sure, use interesting sources to boost your interest in learning the language. 

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