Tips for candidates to ace the PTE speaking section

Tips for candidates to ace the PTE speaking section

Most of the candidates are confused between the PTE speaking section and the IELTS speaking section. It is a common question of candidates that the PTE speaking section is similar to the IELTS speaking section. However, the answer to this question is β€˜NO’. both the tests are completely different from each other and their structure too. PTE is a fully computerized testing system.

Another common question of the PTE exam candidates is how to get a good score in the PTE section. For that, all you have to do is focus on improving your speaking skills and learn the English language carefully. In this article, we will discuss some helpful preparation tips that will help you ace the PTE speaking section.Β 

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Here are some helpful tips and tricks that can help you prepare excellently for the PTE speaking section:Β 

Keep it SimpleΒ 

To ace the exam you have to answer all the questions. You can only answer the long question once it is asked you. For example, if the question is what is your favorite number, just simply answer the number. You do not have any need to give a detailed explanation of why it is your favorite number. Because they expect a short question from your side.Β 

Pronounce ProperlyΒ 

The PTE is a computer-based testing system, so during the speaking test, you have to pay full attention to your pronunciation. The wrong pronunciation completely changes the meaning of words and sentences. Therefore, unclear and incorrect pronunciation prevents you from getting a high score. So, before appearing in the PTE exam you have to work on your pronunciation. For that, you can watch English TV shows with subtitles which gives you a clear idea about the words’ pronunciation. Apart from this, you can also seek help from the internet and dictionary. You should avoid using big and unfamiliar words and use the words you are used to.Β 

Pay attention to the questionΒ 

During the PTE speaking section, most of the time candidates get confused because of tricky questions. Thus, you have to listen to the question carefully. Due to a lack of concentration or distraction candidates misunderstood the question, and as a result, they gave the wrong answer. To give the appropriate and proper answer first you have to understand the question carefully. Furthermore, to focus on the questions, just take a deep breath or do meditation before starting the exam. It will help you to stay calm, focus, and reduce stress levels.

Speak in English regularlyΒ 

When you have to learn something you have to make it a part of your life. Similarly, you must incorporate English into your life if you want to get better at speaking it. You should talk in English all the time, whether you are interacting with friends and family or just giving yourself self-talk. It impacts your fluency and boosts your confidence level. Speaking with people in English can help you pick up a lot of vocabulary, grammar, and other skills. Thus, find a speaking partner and prepare yourself to speak English fluently.

Expand Your Vocabulary

To perform well in the PTE speaking exam, you have to increase your world bank. For that, you should daily learn new vocabulary words to expand your vocabulary. You have to develop the habit of reading English-language newspapers, magazines, blogs, and articles daily. Additionally, when watching movies and television shows, turn on the English captions. Moreover, you should note down new vocabulary words in the notebook and use those words in your day-to-day conversation.Β 

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Wrapping up

To wrap it up, the above-mentioned preparation tips will boost your performance level and help you ace the PTE speaking section. Therefore, you should follow these marvelous tips during the preparation to get a high score.Β 

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