Top Tips For Purchasing Fashion Fabric

Top Tips For Purchasing Fashion Fabric

There are many factors other than colour and pattern when buying fashion fabric. Selecting fabric might sound easy, but it can be challenging because of the plethora of choices out there.

Buying fashion fabric is a vital element of any project of fashion design or sewing. The success of the project depends on the choice of suitable fabric. However, choosing the best material can be an intimidating task.

You could be a novice designer or a seasoned professional. The following top tips can aid you while you shop for fashion fabric, near or far, online or offline. From knowing the right kind to opting for colour and pattern, these tips can go a long way to ensure project success.

Know The Ins And Outs Of The Project

Prior to starting on your journey of fabric shopping, it is critical to know the exact nature and needs of the project. You must determine the design, style and objective of your piece of fashion. Knowledge of the specific needs of the project will help you find the right kind of fabric whether you are designing upholstery, a cocktail dress or casual wear. Various fabrics suit varied applications; therefore, you must align your choice of fabric with the goals of your project.

Know The Types Of Fabric

Get familiar with the varied kinds of fashion fabrics. Examples include satin, organza, shimmer, shaded etc. Get educated about factors like satin material price. Every fabric has its unique qualities like drape, durability and breathability. Get educated about these qualities of various fabrics for making informed decisions. Judge factors like weave, texture and weight before selecting a fabric. For example, for sewing a light and airy summer dress, organza will be suitable, while for a stylish evening wear, it would be better to go for satin.


The colour of the fabric is vital if you are selecting the fabric for your dress. Select a colour that complements your skin tone so that the dress looks perfect on you. If the dress is for an occasion like a wedding, ensure that the fabric matches the colour theme of the wedding.

Also, take care to shop for the fabric in broad sunlight while shopping from a brick-and-mortar shop. This is because artificial light can distort the colour of the fabric. So, bring colour swatches to compare in the offline store or request for colour swatches from an online store for fabrics.

The colour must suit the overall theme of your project, your skin tone and your design. Choose wisely, as colours can convey moods and emotions. Neutral hues like grey, white and black are highly versatile options, while vibrant, bold colours like red and orange help make a statement.


A critical element of any fashion project is the quality of the fabric to be used. Fabrics of high quality will not just feel and look better but will also ensure that the creation or dress will stay in a pristine state in the long term. You should inspect the fabric for weaknesses, irregularities and flaws. Ascertain the qualities of piling resistance, durability and colour-fastness. Though it is highly tempting to make cuts in costs, investments in high-quality fabric will only profit you in the long run, as well-created items or garments will last longer and appear better.

Selection Of Fabric Store

Your buying experience will depend much on where you shop for fabrics. Select stores of good repute, both online and physical, which provide a wide range of colours and types of fabrics. Read reviews and seek recommendations from fellow designers and sewers. Go in for stores which offer swatches, clear policies of return and excellent customer service. There is no need to hesitate to seek assistance if you have doubts about your choice of fabrics. Friendly and expert staff can guide you in selecting the suitable fabric for your project. Automated customer service may be provided for purchasing online.

Sample And Swatch

While shopping from online stores, enquire whether they can send swatches of fabric to your address. This will help you evaluate the colour accuracy, texture and quality of fabric before you invest a heavy amount for the same.

Swatches can also help you to judge the suitability of the fabric for your project. For instance, you can check the drape of the fabric, how it feels against the skin and how it behaves when sewn. A swatch or sample piece of fabric can be tested for compatibility with your sewing machine and to know its response to techniques of finishing and pressing.

Maintenance And Care Of Fabric

Dwell on the maintenance and care needs of the fabrics you choose. Certain fabrics may demand more care for cleaning and upkeep, while others may be low maintenance. Ensure that the care instructions of the fabric complement your lifestyle. In case you are designing a garment which requires frequent washing, go in for fabrics with easy-care quality. In case you are designing a dress for a special occasion and will not subject it to frequent laundering, you can opt for unique and delicate material like satin.

Wise Budgeting

Before shopping, establish a budget for fabric purchases and try your best to adhere to it. Though quality often demands high prices, there are plenty of affordable options to choose from without sacrificing quality. Stay aware of the cost of fabric per meter or yard and determine the amount needed for your project.

Take care to factor in other expenses related to fabrics, like lining materials and threads. Always be keen to look out for promotional offers, sales and discounts. At the same time, be wary of extra cheap fabrics since they will compromise on quality. A balance must be set up as regards your budget and your needs for fabric. Invest in the fabric that strikes this balance.


While selecting fabric, one must consider the quality of shrinkage of fabric. Ascertain whether the fabric will shrink after washing. Every fabric has its nature of shrinkage. To be on the safe side, purchase an extra 10% of the fabric. You can also opt for pre-shrunk fabrics that will not cause much trouble in this regard.

In sum, shopping for fabrics need not be as much of a headache now that you are armed with the above tips. Get ready for the best fabric purchase online and transform it into the most fashionable creations from your hand.

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