The Best Kindergarten International School In Singapore: Global Indian International School

Translated from German, “kindergarten” means “children’s garden.” It is an instructional curriculum designed to get young kids ready for school. 

Another name for it is PreSchool. This early childhood education component acts as a link between the family and the classroom. 

Kindergarten is a time when children are moulded by a range of games and activities, such as singing and sketching, which support the development of social skills, fine motor skills, and a love of learning.

Your child has the chance to develop critical study, social and emotional, and problem-solving skills in kindergarten that will help them succeed in school.

Global Indian International School

The most award-winning Montessori curriculum accessible is the Global Montessori Plus curriculum, at GIIS, which gives holistic learning opportunities to students in their foundational years. 

Our preschool learning strategy combines the best of old Montessori philosophy with the demands of modern learning, distinguishing us as one of Singapore’s greatest kindergarten schools.  

Through innovative teaching methods and cutting-edge infrastructure, we create a strong love of learning in toddlers, allowing them to grow into curious students ready to meet the challenges of the digital world.

Children aged 2.5 to 3 years old are eligible to begin Montessori at Singapore GIIS campuses. Students aged 3 to 5 have the option of enrolling in Singapore nursery school, K1 and K2 levels, where qualified teachers introduce them to teachings, ideas, and concepts in an impacting learning environment. 

This is what distinguishes our GMP curriculum from other international school in Singapore.

What Exactly is GMP?

GMP utilises the best of established methodology, such as the Montessori programme, and adds a ‘plus’ by seamlessly incorporating newer and more futuristic methods into the well-designed curriculum. 

It combines traditional Montessori methods with modern teaching and learning materials enriched with cutting-edge technology for kids’ holistic growth and development. 

The 9 GEMS Framework

What makes 9GEMS genuinely distinctive is its balanced, age-appropriate, and adaptive approach to student development, which results in well-evolved personalities.

We stress academic brilliance, but we also emphasise other aspects of student development such as athletic excellence, skill development, leadership qualities, artistic abilities, and universal values. During the school years, these competencies aid in vocational and career advancement.

We ensure academic excellence by focusing on the delivery of a curriculum that combines best practices in education with innovative teaching methodologies utilising the most recent available tools. 

As a premier international school in Singapore, we offer collaborative, project-based learning, which allows students to learn via reading, experience, and debates. The result is improved academic achievement for each student and a lifelong learner profile in their portfolio.


The most crucial factor in choosing a preschool in Singapore is the kind of education the institution wants to give your child. At GIIs, we work hard to support your child’s personality development and help them reach any goals they set for themselves. 

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The following are the goals of GIIS preschool:

  • Offering a secure and welcoming atmosphere for children. 
  • Encouraging students’ play-based learning.
  • Encourage children’s intellectual, social, and emotional growth through a variety of activities and controlled play that facilitates a smooth transition from preschool to primary school.
  • To routinely assess the student’s development and make necessary improvements.
  • To adhere to the Early Years Foundation stage criteria.  
  • To support students’ growth in self-esteem and confidence and to help them feel important as unique individuals.

Make sure your little one receives the best education with GIIS! 

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