International School With A Great Kindergarten Fee Structure In Malaysia

Are you looking for an international school in Malaysia that provides excellent kindergarten programmes at an affordable price? 

Finding great education on a budget can be difficult, especially when it comes to international learning. However, there are various institutions that provide excellent quality education and reasonable kindergarten fees in Malaysia.

Here, we’ve listed institutions that provide top-notch education that doesn’t break the bank. 

Global Indian International School 

If your family is looking for a world-class education combined with a value-based ethos and a modern school environment where your child may happily study and acquire new skills, GIIS may be the appropriate international school for you. 

GIIS instils confidence and responsibility in students through clear learning objectives, motivating them to excel in academics and extracurricular activities while also preparing them for the future. 

Kindergarten subjects improve kids’ cognitive, expressive, and motor skills while also teaching them the important components of a holistic education method. Kindergarten pupils can choose from the following subjects:


  • English
  • STEAM 
  • Hindi 
  • EVA (Environmental Awareness) 
  • Montessori 
  • Dance and Music 
  • Mathematics
  • Structured and Free Play 

The Global Montessori Plus Programme is an award-winning programme offered by one of the leading Montessori schools in Kuala Lumpur that holistically nurtures kids. The kindergarten fees in Malaysia of GIIS Kuala Lumpur is a very reasonable structure that provides International and Indian curricula from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

The fee structure at GIIS 

The academic year 2023 – 2024 free structure is in effect from April 1st 2023 to March 31st 2024. There are three terms every year that apply to all courses.

The academic year at GIIS Kuala Lumpur is divided into three terms. Fees must be paid by the parents at the start of each term, three times a year.  Parents must pay the following fees for each term:

  • Deposit charge (payable only once during entrance) 
  • Registration fee (payable only once during admission) 
  • Tuition fee (payable per term) 
  • Activity fee (payable per term) 
  • GIIS fee (payable annually) 
  • Insurance charge (payable annually) 

The payments must be paid by the parents by the deadlines specified in the student contract. No monthly payments are accepted. Payments are payable on the due date specified in the student contract for invoices generated three times a year, once every term. 

Scholarships are available at GIIS from grade 1 to grade 12, these are the following scholarships available:

  • Global Citizen Scholarship
  • Global Future Ready Merit Scholarship
  • 9 GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship
  • Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship
  • Tunku Abdul Rehman Universal Values Merit cum Means Scholarship.

The last penny 

Kindergarten at an International school such as GIIS is available to students as early as 4 years of age in Malaysia. Preschool education focuses on the development of cognitive, emotional, physical and social abilities during their early years. In Malaysia, preschool education is elective and is delivered by private, foreign, and public institutions. 

Global Montessori Plus is the preschool curriculum, which is imbued with five powerful pillars such as accelerated programme, multifaceted learning, iplay programme, iCare programme, and future-ready programme. This superb programme allows pupils to fully develop their abilities, talent and potential. 

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