The Manufacturing Defects To Watch Out In Extruded Rubber Profiles

The Manufacturing Defects To Watch Out In Extruded Rubber Profiles

Rubber extrusion is termed as a popular manufacturing process, that covers a wide range of rubber products. The core components of rubber extrusions are seals, gaskets and hoses. Even with careful planning and execution during the extrusion process defects are likely to emerge. These series of defects can have a major impact when it comes to the performance and appearance of the final product. Below are some of the manufacturing defects that you need to watch out when it comes to silicone extrusions. They tend to be part of the common extruded rubber profiles.

Surface imperfections

Surface imperfections in the form of scratches, pits, bumps are likely to emerge during the extrusion process. Such defects is bound to have an impact when it comes to the final performance and can lead to a series of functional problems. It may be in the form of leaks or reduced sealing capabilities.

Dimensional inaccuracies

Dimensional inaccuracies is likely to occur when the final product does not comply with the specified dimensions. The reasons why this may occur may be due to a variety of reasons as it may point to inaccuracies during the extrusion process. Variations are likely to emerge when it comes to the raw materials or a series of issues may emerge with the die design.

Poor wall uniformity

The thickness of the wall is critical for ensuring the proper performance of the extruded rubber profile. When you are not aware about the wall thickness, the final product is likely to have weak spots or is not likely to fit across in the intended application. This same philosophy is applicable when it comes to the case of rubber diaphragms.

Incomplete curing

Incomplete curing is likely to occur once the rubber material is not fully cured during the extrusion process. What this indicates is that the final product may be sticky or soft that is bound to have a major impact on the durability and functionality.


Contamination is likely to occur during the rubber extrusion process. It is bound to be the case when dust or debris are likely to be introduced as part of the extrusion process. Contamination is likely to have a major impact on the performance and appearance of the final product. Eventually it may lead to a reduced adhesion or premature form of wear and tear.

To sum up things taking all these things into consideration it is necessary to avoid the manufacturing defects during the rubber extractionΒ  process. One of the things that you may do in preventing these form of manufacturing defects is working with an experienced manufacturer who is able to address and fix these issues. Hence it is better to avail the services of a reputed rubber manufacturer. The best part about them is that they are going to keep a watch out for the common manufacturing defects. You may ensure that the extended rubber profiles comply with the highest quality standards that is specified.

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