Benefits of Living in an Independent House in Greater Noida

Benefits of Living in an Independent House in Greater Noida

Usually, when we talk about living in Greater Noida then one generally prefers flats and apartments. They are quite famous in Noida and if people are looking for some residential or commercial space, then they are the first and foremost choice. There are various benefits of investing in flats such as, the cost is less, fewer legal procedures need to be done, maintenance of the property is easy and done by the builder, etc. but there are people who still prefer independent houses in Greater Noida in place of flats and apartments for living.

Independent houses are houses made on a piece of land owned by you. In the case of flats and apartments, only the flat belongs to you and not the land on which it is constructed. But independent houses are built on the land of the owner. The owner has the freedom to construct the house in whichever way he/she wants to. Your house is solely yours to modify

Now if you are willing to invest in an independent house then you can look for a suitable real estate company in Noida. Such companies would help you to find the land in the best location and also help you to build a house on it. There are groups like the Paramount Group that might help you to choose the land at a place where you get an ample amount of greenery, bright sunlight, clean air, clear sky, and so on.Β 

Benefits of Living in an Independent House in Greater Noida

Buying an independent property and then constructing a house on it is a tough task and requires a huge sum of money for the investment but it has its perks over flats and apartments.Β 

Following are some reasons why you should invest in independent houses:


In an independent house, you own the entire property. Just like in the flats and apartments, you do not have to share the space with a community. You are not expected to share common walls and facilities with other people residing in the other apartments of the building. Thus, independent houses provide privacy at a good level.


Flats and apartments are usually not very spacious. You get limited space only. In the case of independent houses, you own a big space and can customize it accordingly. You can set up gardens and other similar places in your space easily.


Independent houses are solely your property so you are the one who decides everything to be done in the house. In independent houses, you have the freedom to customize your living space as per your preference. The plan of the house, interior, and dΓ©cor are according to your taste and lifestyle.


There are unlimited amenities that you can include in your independent house. Independent houses generally offer amenities such as personal parking spaces, swimming pools, gyms, etc. made to suit your lifestyle. These amenities increase the quality of your life and make it more comfortable and convenient.

Better ventilation

Independent houses are built on open spaces and have more windows and ventilation facilities. In flats and apartments, there is hardly any open and free space for ventilation.Β 

Natural light

Independent houses are made in open, free spaces which usually get bright sunlight, clean air, and clear sky. They provide you with an aesthetic and healthier environment to live in as compared to flats and apartments. Flats and apartments are often built in limited space and it is not guaranteed that you get a clean and clear environment to live in.


Independent houses provide you with flexibility in modifying and expanding your living space. You can modify the space as per the demand of the house. The house can be renovated and modified in the future according to your will.

Peace and quiet

Living in populated flats and apartments disturbs the peace of your house. In independent houses, there is much less disturbance than in flats and apartments. In the hustle and bustle of a busy city like Greater Noida, you can find peace and tranquility in your own independent house.


In flats and apartments, numerous people live and visit the building and hence are less secure. In independent houses, there is much more security. These properties are not easily accessible to strangers. You can further strengthen security by installing CCTV cameras at desired places, appointing security guards, or a gated entry. In flats and apartments, you cannot make the security arrangement solely on your decision.

Opportunity for outdoor activities

In independent houses, you can have a private garden or outdoor space in your house. You can engage yourself in leisure activities like gardening, house gatherings, or any other outdoor activities without any limitations.

Investment value

Independent houses in Greater Noida are considered to be a good investment option. The demand for independent houses is constantly increasing. The constant increase in their demand may prove to be a better investment option in the future.

Independent houses are indeed smart investment options. You can enjoy several benefits after the investment. If you are planning to settle in Greater Noida with your family then you must invest in independent houses. The notion of your land, your house, and solely your decision on your house makes the idea of living in these independent houses even more exciting. Flats and apartments are indeed popular but independent houses have their facilities to help you live.


Your hunt for owning your independent house is well understood by a real estate company in Greater Noida like the Paramount Group.Β  They are bound to provide you with your dream independent house where you can realize your freedom of designing your house all by yourself.Β 

Paramount Group’s Golf Forest is a low-density residential township spread over 90 acres. You can own your private villa under this project. They offer beautiful scenery and a spectacular landscape which provides a sense of aesthetics and privacy to each of its residents.

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