Types Of Paper-Based Material For Custom Food Boxes

Types Of Paper-Based Material For Custom Food Boxes

Well! We all know how much packaging is important to retain the quality of the product. However, it becomes difficult to select an ideal packaging material to manufacture custom food boxes. The market is swamped with the packaging industries, but rarely anyone can guide the selection of the perfect material.Β 


If you are also facing a related problem then relax because, in today’s discussion, we will thoroughly discuss some of the paper-based packaging materials that can give ideal protection and premium presentation to your food products.Β 

Why Material Selection Is So Important?Β 

The selection of packaging material for a food product is of extreme importance because materials give durability to the packaging. For your wholesale frozen food boxes, you must select a food-grade packaging material to prevent any toxication in your food.Β 

By using a quality material you can make your customer feel that your product is manufactured under ideal conditions. This way you can make your company among the top-notch sellers of food products. In the remaining portion of the article, we will discuss popular and best paper-based materials that can be used to manufacture food boxes.Β 


Chipboard is the lowest quality paper-based material that can be used to manufacture food packaging. Although its durability is not much high, it is a suitable option when the food product is to be delivered at shorter distances.Β 

You can pack your dry biscuits in these boxes, nonetheless, avoid using chipboard to manufacture pizza slice boxes because a pizza needs to be packed in a bit more sturdy packaging which we will discuss later on.Β 


If you have a low budget then it is best for you to invest in a bux board. This material can give strength to the custom food boxes and make them suitable to protect the food items. Like chipboard, it is better to avoid bux board to pack delicate food like cupcakes and pizzas.Β 

This material is food-grade in nature so you can remain worry-free about the quality assurance of your food.Β 


In the above two points, we discussed two low-quality but paper-based food-grade materials for food packaging. Now we will discuss cardboard material that gives excellent protection to the food as it is much sturdier than the bux board and chipboard.Β 

A cardboard material has variable thicknesses so you have the option to select the cardboard as per your product requirement. Say you will need a thin material for custom cone sleeves and a bit thicker cardboard for frozen foods, due to the variety in thicknesses you can get what you want. Cardboard material is recyclable and leaves minimum carbon footprints in the environment

Kraft materialΒ 

Although cardboard is a recyclable packaging its sustainability is lower than the kraft materials. A kraft packaging material is 100% eco-friendly and recyclable. Besides, the natural brown color of kraft makes it an ideal choice for a minimalist packaging style.Β 

You can use kraft to give elegant and simple packaging to your food product. Using wholesale frozen food boxes you can facilitate the customers in storing their food product.Β 

Fluted paperΒ 

One of the highest-quality packaging materials is fluted kraft material. This material consists of three layers of paper and the middle one contains flutes. These flutes give the packing shock absorptive properties.Β 

In corrugated or fluted paper a large variety of flutes is present. These flutes are available from A to F. However in the USA, E-fluted paper is widely used. A corrugated material is an ideal option to manufacture custom pizza slice boxes.Β 

Basic Qualities Of Paper-Based MaterialΒ 

Today the trend of custom boxes has increased and for it, a paper-based material is an ideal option. Paper-based packaging is non-toxic in nature, therefore it is the best choice for packing food products. Moreover, paper material can be recycled and reused, which is why climate-conscious companies get their products packed in this material.Β 

Aside from this, you can print paper with vibrant colors and increase the glam of your boxes. Sometimes companies add protective coatings to the packaging to increase their durability. As the paper is quite flexible in nature, therefore, it is easy to handle. So you can get a wide range of shapes and styles using paper for your food boxes.Β 

Final words!

Custom food boxes give companies a chance to give their product a befitting and attractive packaging. You must use a paper-based material to manufacture your boxes to increase the sustainability of your boxes and to sustain the quality of your food.Β 

Paper-based material, chipboard, and bux board are considered the lowest quality packaging material however they have enough strength to secure foods for short distances. On the other hand, a kraft, corrugated, or cardstock material is the best choice when high durability is required. Moreover, you can easily print these materials to make your packaging different and superior to the other brands.

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