How to Draw A Fancy Letter V Easily

How to Draw A Fancy Letter V Easily

How to Draw A Fancy Letter V. V is the 22nd missive of the alphabet and one of English’s least frequently used letters, considering how many words it appears in.

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Just because it’s not widely used doesn’t mean learning how to spell it isn’t essential! Lowercase and uppercase letter are pretty simple.

However, we are not here to learn the simple versions of the letter! Instead, let’s focus on learning to draw a fantasy letter, V.

This is done in 6 fun and easy steps that allow your creativity to run free. Not only will you understand how to tighten this letter, but let’s look at ways to color it.

So, let’s get formed and see how you can remove this super chic version of this letter!

How to Draw A Fancy Letter V

Step 1

A regular letter V is easy to write because it is simply two straight diagonal lines that connect at a point at the base.

We refrain from using straight lines in this design as the curved outline helps make the letter look even more intricate.

While we won’t draw a regular letter “V,” you can start by drawing one in pencil. This allows you to visualize the shape of the letter before drawing it.

If you plan it in pencil, you can set the letter size before drawing the final lines with the pen.

With that said, let’s draw the first part of this letter. Specifically, we are drawing a spiral shape attached to the left tip of the letter.

It is in the shape of a number 6 with a space in the middle. Now that energy does not display much, and you’ll soon see how it works in design! First, let’s continue with step 2 of the guide.

Step 2

At the end of this second step, we’ll have what already looks like a striking rendering of the letter V! However, this will be a line drawing; we will add more depth later.

For now, let’s continue the line you started in the previous step of the guide. Start where this line ended by drawing a horizontal, slightly curved line.

This line ends with a sharp point at the bottom of the letter. This pointed tip is then raised to a different horizontal angle, as shown in our reference image.

For a standard letter V, these lines are typically straight. While we want them to be barely curved, they should still be straightforward sufficiently that you can see what they’re supposed to be.

Now it looks like a curved missive V, with a loop protruding from the left side. Now that we have this piece of the note, the next step is to add the rest of the outline.

Step 3

Everything we’ve done in this guide will make feeling by the end of this third stage of our direction to drawing a fancy letter V!

We’ll add a lot more in this step, so let’s go step by step, starting at the dot on the right side of the letter.

At this point, a reasonably sharp peak transitions into a slightly wavy line. It should be parallel to the line you drew in the previous one.

So there is a very sharp point at the end of the letter. This point will then rise steeply and merge into another slightly wavy line with a curve.

When this slope reaches the top of the letter, it descends and joins the spiral we drew at the beginning of the guide.

Also, your draft for this letter is ready! You can now erase the pencil lines we suggested if you choose to use them.

It would also be an excellent time to clean up and review the outlines with your favorite drawing tool. Next, let’s add some internal details to the letter.

Step 4

The previous three steps were about completing the main body of the missive V, but this one will concentrate on some internal details to make it even more extraordinary.

The details are simple but make a big difference in the design. At first, this project could use a few more spirals.

To fix this, we added some spiral shapes sticking out from each point of the letter. That makes the letter look nicer, but we’re not done yet!

We’ll also add a pattern to the letter to structure it. We have drawn slightly curved lines throughout the letter.

It’s a simple gesture, making it look even more visually attractive. If you prefer a different pattern for your particular version of this letter, feel free to experiment with all sorts of line details!

Next, we move on to step 5 of the pattern, where we add some extra detail around the outside of the letter.

Step 5

The inside of this letter is nicely decorated, so now we can add some details on the outside to make it even more enjoyable.

First, we added dots of different sizes along the letter’s outline. These are on opposing borders of the letter, as indicated in our contract.

However, you don’t have to put them in the same place if you have a different idea! Next, we added some small teardrop shapes around the spiral line at the top.

These are so simple yet add some life to the design. Finally, we added some simple straight lines next to the outline of the letter.

As with the other details, you can change these as you wish! Of course, you can also bring in your complex ideas.

Then you can also add the background to make it even more extraordinary. This can be in some shapes, patterns, or even other letters.

The background is entirely up to your imagination, but we’ll return to that after the last step.

Step 6

For now, the only thing that could make this awesome letter V fancier would be to add some color! That’s precisely what we want to do in this last step.

In our reference image, we show you one way to color your letter V. We chose a gorgeous bright purple color to make him cute.

If you love purple, you can use it for your design to match ours. Otherwise, you can choose any other color you like!

Choosing the colors you use is only part of the fun, and you can experiment with different artistic mediums to bring out the colors in different ways.

Don’t forget the background; you can add color there, too, to make the picture even more impressive.

Your Fancy Letter V Drawing is Finished!

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