Cleaning cabinets before painting is easy with these 7 amazing methods

Cleaning cabinets before painting is easy with these 7 amazing methods

Cabinets are essential in the kitchen. They provide enough space to store goods and enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen. They are susceptible to oil splatters and steam from cooking, which, when combined with dust, can turn them into an ugly, grungy, and dull surface.

Painting can restore the cabinets to their former glory. Also visit a carpenter in dubai.You must first clean the cabinets.

Here’s how to clean cabinets without breaking your budget. Let’s get to the point.

1- Prepare in Advance

Before You Start:

  • Wear safety gear.
  • Clear the work area of all objects.
  • Cover the floor with an odour-proof floor protector.

You can proceed to the next step if the old paint is in good condition. If not, use any stripping products to remove the old paint and prepare it for a smooth and fine finish.

2- Empty the cabinet doors and drawers

Unfasten the doors and drawers of all cabinets that were used to store goods. Label and bag all hardware for later use. You can use painter’s tape to label the drawers and the doors so that they are placed in the correct place without getting twisted.

3- Clean and Degrease Cabinets

  • After removing the drawers and doors, you will need to degrease the surfaces properly. To do this, it is important to choose the right cleaner in order to remove the dirt and grime on the surface. You can use both natural and commercial cleaning products for this purpose.
  • Apply any degreaser suitable to the cabinets, and scrub using a drill brush. If you don’t own a drill brush, use a soft-bristle scrub brush to do the job. Use a damp microfiber towel to remove all the dirt and grease.
  • Water can damage the wood of your cabinets.

Best Cleaner/Degreaser for Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets before Painting

Degreasing kitchen cabinets with the right product is the best way to clean them before painting. Here are some suggestions for you.

i – Trisodium Phosphate
It’s best to dilute the TSP with water before using. TSP is a powerful cleaner that can remove old paint flecks. It can irritate the skin and eyes, so wearing safety glasses is essential.

ii- Krud Kutter
The most powerful and inexpensive cleaner. It can cut through all the grease and dirt within minutes by sparingly applying it to the affected area.

iii – Baking soda and water
The perfect product to brighten up your kitchen cabinets. Mix one part soda with two parts water and one lemon. Spray on the surface, and wait 3 to 5 minutes for it to work. Clean with a soft, wet towel.

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7 – Wash and Assemble Hardware

Use hot water to wash and scrub the hardware. It is important to clean and dry the hardware. It can be restored with a light spray of primer.

Assemble the drawers and doors with hardware. You are done. Congratulations! I’ve done a great job!

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